All students wish that study in Germany. TUM is one of the brilliant universities which Everybody dreams of. TUM (Technical University of Munich) – It is not simple to receive admission from TUM. The University in 38rd place in the world (Reference; High times education). If you would like to study at TUM you need high marks and enough good Language Certificate. Tum is German state university which provides free education for students. You just need to pay student fee cost, probably 100-200 euro for each semester. You can study Bachelor and Master programs as engineering, Business-Management, Biomedical, Informatics and Technological fields. Tum has huge amount of Student troop therefore; one campus is not enough for them. They need so much capacity. Main campus of TUM located in Munich furthermore Tum has additional 5 campuses. Garching, Freising, Heilbronn, Straubing and Singapore (Asia Campus). Each of Campuses has an unbelievable beauty. You can’t distinguish them.

After finishing this university, you would obtain excellent work opportunities. Companies are aware of which skills and knowledge have Tum students therefore, their doors are always opening for Technical University of Munich Students.

In Conclusion, as far as I am concerned If you work Hard, you will realize your dreams. Attempt to get excellent marks (as a bachelor’s you need a 5.0 GPA from High School and as a Master’s you need Bachelor GPA minimum 90 and brilliant IELTS level (minimum 7).